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Friday, July 27, 2007


dehydrated, tired and fatigued;
Sun blesses with.
raises and blows,
setting the tone.
Life fests as Sun rests.
sandwhiched between water,
both, liquid and vapour.
change of track,
white to grey.
rises to fall and dampen,
goes missing, the horizon.

announced by wings,
welcomed by many.
shelter, seeks all;
mercy, O' lord,
Roofless, thy ward.

pull the strings, fried the flavor,
drink the wine,
merry; the time.
O'Mother, dont please dont,
press not the vapour,
pleaded daily; the labor.
deaf, She behaved;
earth became world,
love became green.
green giving all green,
suplements greed!
greed, green and green,
loudly She screams
" take ur stance,
lasts never the chance;
ever again, dont u plead,
to forgive thee. "

immoved and careless, remain we,
proves us yet again, a defeatist, doesn't She?
To go agains, intimidates HE;

Sunday, July 22, 2007


BANG!! And it started to expand;
Gave rise to all we see, perceive,
Begetted one and all,
Experimented, and rectified,
Crowned humanity, and cried ever since.

Cells, entity, complexity,
Grew with it, atrocity.
Ate slaves, slaves who
Never betrayed.
Snatched, the shelters, life;
Uprooted the mother,
Siblings, who once were.
Driven by gain,
Overlooked pain, chain.
Revolt they shall,
Blessed by Her;
Cry thou shalt.

One fine day,
As we lay;
Agaped and aghast,
Neither will it last, nor will it wait,
Destruct it shall,
The order’s pre-paid.