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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Something from the past. #Philok

·        Always smile. It keeps you strong.
·        He who wrote, forgot to stop. He who stopped, never wrote.
·        Either you are or you never were.
·        If you can, somebody can. If nobody cannot, you may still can.
·        You take some, you hit one. That is how fighters fight.
·        When the going gets tougher, it’s time to go for the kill.
·        Facts don't change, Judgments do
·        To get what you deserve, be what you desire. 
·        When things don't go your way, don't blink just yet.
·        When life throws melons, duck.
·        When history repeats itself, you are at the wrong place at the wrong time.
·        When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade and enjoy the show!
·        Time is the Nature's Doc. It cures EVERYTHING.
·        "Wounds of time, take time to heal. So much of it, that no medicine can make you run faster and beat the invincible."
·        When you fight, your instinct takes over your mind. The mantra for a victory is to let the mind take over your instinct€
·        it’s not tough to be a winner, it’s the desire backed with conviction to win which is.
·        Nobody decides if they want to race or not. The only decision you have to make is to win or not to.
·        Dream to make them come true. Desire to be able to dream.
·        Hope is for hopeless people.
·        Giving a 100% is all it takes to get the desired outcome.  
·        Anything in excess, is one step closer to perfection.  
·        Weakness is what every adversary looks for. Hide it or lose it.
·        Never be afraid of challenges and never be tensed about the outcomes. Just keep working diligently and the smile will be yours.
·        Time gives us money. Money takes away time.
·        If you ogle on palaces, you'll never bend to tie your shoe laces.
·        There's humor everywhere. Apparently, we are blind to it.
·        Adding more hay to the stalk won’t help you find the needle.
·        Not everyone can swim. Even swimmers drown.
·        Never make a promise you can't keep, even to just please someone.
·        To earn what you deserve, be what you desire.
·        To get what you want, be what you desire.  
·        There's wisdom that cannot be passed for it makes no sense but it works all the time.
·        If you can't win against yourself, you can't win against anyone.
·        Nothing can be simpler than fighting the challenges life throws at you and coming out on top.
·        Isn’t it all about going after what YOU dream of than of what OTHERS tempt you with?
·        When things go out of control, you should too.
·        Trust is more powerful than love can ever be.
·        Be right back, or be left back.
·        Eventually isn't it all about resisting the temptations?
·        The battle is not over until you are dead.
·        Everyone falls down. The one who gets up one more time than he has fallen, wins.
·        Never aim for second best. Either come first or third. Being second is being first amongst losers.
·        Once a fool, never a laugh.
·        Always settle for the better. It will want you go graduate to the best. Vice-versa doesn't apply.
·        Life’s biggest sin would be to break a girl’s heart. Second biggest would be to disrespect a woman.
·        If it were not for the broken relations of yesterday, you wouldn't be what you are today.
·        Navigate in darkness and you'll never ask for directions.
·        All that there is, is there. All that there is not, is there as well.
·        The biggest pleasure of life lies in saying "hey, I made it!!"... So go out there and do it.
·        In life, speeding is not the right way to enjoy the scenery :-)
·        If I could, I would have already. Since I can, I will do it no matter what.
·        Always do something that surprises you.
·        If you could control your mind, you could really throw people out of your heart.
·        Smile is the best ornament nature has bestowed use with. Use it, flaunt it. Just don't lose it.
·        it’s not how you do it, it’s all about how you enjoy doing it.
·        Every single second teaches us a lot of things. The sooner we learn, the more knowledge we can gain. So why waste knowledge?
·        Some decisions, no matter how hard, have to be taken to harden yourself. #perkytweets
·        Dearth of resources should not limit your will to race.
·        There are a lot of things that I could regret upon only if I could remember them...
·        How can you expect to be forgiven if you don't have the guts to say sorry?
·        The three simple steps to success - read, read and read.
·        Everything but your goal, is a deterrent to get to your goal.
·        You cannot climb unless you’re unafraid of the fall.
·        The simplest form of life is to love.
·        You don't have a life unless you have a dream. You don't have a dream unless you've lived.
·        If you cannot appreciate what you have, you cannot respect what you get.
·        Music is probably the only constant in this ever changing life.
·        If you cannot defend what you stand for, you cannot stand to defend anything.
·        Study to Learn. Knowledge is more powerful than Education.
·        Success is a feeling of pure satisfaction without any materialistic pleasures.
·        Hard-work leads to satisfaction.
·        Night also teaches us to appreciate the beauty of sunrise.
·        What’s the fun of drinking from a glass that is too big for the peg?
·        giving up is akin to committing suicide.
·        When you have 2 change urn decision, remember d reason that made u change it. Remember it 4ever & you'll never let down in life.
·        The art of deceiving lies in the skills of deception.
·        Nobody is powerful unless we let them be. Nobody is weak unless we let ourselves be.
·        Nobody is a winner until we let them be. Nobody is a loser unless we let ourselves be.
·        Everything happens for a reason, and does not happen for a larger reason.
·        Learning to say NO is equivalent to saying YES to new things in life.
·        Night is the only time of the day when I can see everything clearly.
·        You just don't run away from a fight. Either you live or you die.
·        Every fucking individual on this planet wants to have a piece of the pie, but nobody wants to bake it.
·        Isn’t everything really very simple? All you have to do is the right thing at the right time.
·        Everything has its own charm. You decide which ones attract you.
·        In life, everyone is expendable. #SadButTrue
·        Night is the only time of the *day* when I can see everything clearly.
·        If you can't pick up what's obvious, you will never learn anything in life.
·        Always listen to your intuition. It’s the only thing that will never let you down in life.
·        Humans can go beyond the boundaries of nature and yet remain caged within them!
·        Nothing beats nothing. Something beats something. Anything can beat anything. But everything cannot beat everything. Be content
·        Whilst being punched by life, just hold back and bide your time. Then knock the life out of life.
·        Overdose kills, but in the end we all die. What’s the fun of drinking when the glass is too big for the peg?
·        When you replace booze from your priority list, you're actually doing something worthwhile.
·        In life, speeding is not the right way to enjoy the scenery :-)
·        Everything happens for a reason and does not happen for a larger reason.
·        A few things in life, like death, happen only once.
·        it is!
·        No one knows what face the cube is resting on unless another face takes its place.
·        Life is a simple equation with known unknowns.
·        Life’s a bitch. Fuck her, before she ditches you.
·        THAT in no way means I'm giving up. No. Not now. Not ever.
·        Love is, belief and understanding forms the core of all relationships!! 
·        I better get going before I get going...
·        Love your bed as you love your woman...
·        Not being able to talk doesn't mean that I don't miss you. It’s just another way of asking why you aren’t here.