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Friday, July 21, 2006


Alone I came in this world,
Alone shall I leave;
Living life such
That I rest in peace.
I never believed in it,
Didn’t have a drop of faith;
May be I feared what if
It turns into hate.
Then I saw her
& she made me change;
I felt I was in it,
Until, it conveyed.
It makes you go mad,
Makes you go against.
When senses prevail,
Leaves you in pain.
I was patient,
Had no haste.
Maybe I was eager,
Not to let it waste.
I had times and memories,
Which I still cherish;
But breaking into pieces,
Is what she relished.

I made promises
And broke them too;
But I remained honest,
Couldn’t she too?
When I knew,
She never had it true;
I was broken,
Numb, demoralized too.
I was lost,
Needed directions to;
Thanks to my pals,
They helped me see through.
Still I wonder,
What made her do that?
Living away from parents
Was a fault I had?
Little does she know,
Who said she can’t break;
Left me with pieces,
Too hard to make.

I guess I deserved it,
For all the hatred I got.
Cause I changed my stance,
Which I should’ve better not.
Now I learnt
The new lesson of life:
Stand by your belief,
Wrong or right.
But sill I feel
I want to see her glad,
Such is the power of LOVE;
Makes you smile,
Though you’re sad.



She fed me, bred me,
For three quarters.
Going through all emotions;
Facing all situations.
And then came the moment,
When she felt movement.
Landed on cloud nine;
Head first, trunk n legs,
She screamed, yelled;
The pain would never end,
Great is her soul that,
Made my cries, rhyme.
It gave her the strength,
Made her delude from the pain.
Such is her heart,
Such is her soul;
She went through so
Much all alone.
She saw me cry
And she cried along.
She looked up;
Wasn’t alone.
My eyes closed,
Body wrapped.
Was sent by Him
To take her care.

She started spending
Without caring.
Put me above her life,
Facing all strife.
Took utmost care,
Not a moment to spare.
Without any hope,
Persists to do so.
Was sent by Him
To take her care.

Still, she cries,
But not me along.
Have hurt her,
Made her aghast,
Her pains, ever seem to last.
I made her cry then,
Make her cry now,
She didn’t brow then,
Neither does she now
The roles have been reversed,
Heart still the same.

Will I ever be,
The gift sent by Him?
Will I ever do,
The job entrusted upon me?
Time shall take us back,
Remembering the pain,
She’ll look up again,
Searching for her reward
That’s me! Her ward.
Seeing me weep,
She’ll weep along,
Tells me to be strong.
As she lay,
Seeing all pray;
Holds my hand,
‘The magic wand’
To ease her pain.
As she tries to enter
The world, life after…….


The sound of waves
And the origin of breeze,
Take me to the place
Full of happiness and glee.
Looking at the waves coming,
One, two, three;
Feeling across my face, the breeze;
I lay wondering,
Am I being what I wanna be???
It used to be my hunger,
It used to be my passion,
Upon encountering LIFE
It became compulsion.
No longer
No satisfaction.
Looking at the waves coming,
One, two, three;
Feeling across my face, the breeze;
I lay wondering,
Am I being what I wanna be???
Opening the heart,
Allowed to transcieve.
Felt like heaven,
Till it ceased, deceased.
I did no harm,
I stayed calm;
Turned into a rock.
It tries to soften
Round the clock.
Looking at the waves coming,
One, two, three;
Feeling across my face, the breeze;
I lay wondering,
Am I being what I wanna be???
Was never told
Nor warned;
Free coaching
Given to all.
Regrowing the hunger
Generating passion,
Searching satisfaction
In the cage ‘COMPULSION’.
Here I stand,
On the stage of LIFE,
Foundations in sand.
Places to go
No one to direct.
Only lesson I learn
Always be yourself.


Sun settles, moon settled,
And so are all who breathe;
Many love it sound,
Rest full of dreams.

Some do it in the day,
Keeping all at bay.
It drives everyone,
Hell to heaven.
Led by struggle,
Path laid with trouble;
Many break
Trying to make,
Give up
Half the way;
Can’t foresee,
Driven by its glee.
One’s who achieve,
Feels they’ve lived.
It makes you feel good
Or compels to do bad.
It becomes your passion,
With none to compare.
Such is its power,
Great is its charm
It gives you courage,
Introduces mountains,
To be crossed..
Sadly many get it under the moon,
Others build it in the noon.
But same is for all, the beginning;
Dream to get your dream.


Life is a journey,

A road to its absence,

Feared by many

Who love its presence.

Failure to look through,

To the beauty that lies;

Beyond the door which defies

All emotion and pain.

A world with no gain;

One beyond imagination,

One of only affection

A feeling of pure satisfaction;

So embrace it when it cometh,

Embrace it with no qualm;

A feeling of so silence n calm,

Sadly He calls it life

And we DEATH.