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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ek Chotti Si Love Story………….

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“Hold my hand, Payal “ he shouted and stretched out his hand up in the air. His eyes opened and saw darkness all around. It was a cold rainy night and he was sweating profusely. It was raining outside, and Anurag felt the raindrops fall on his face. He got up and turned to his right to grab his crutches and limped to the window. With the winds blowing and the curtains swaying in the air, a flash of lightning and one could make out the lack of sleep on his face. He had been spending the last one week remembering the events that changed his life for ever. He was crying, but the raindrops took away the tears from his eyes.

It all happened late in the summer of 2008. They met for the first time in the classes everyone took for the entrance exams post boards of standard 12. It  was an early morning lecture and monsoon had just hit Bombay. Lectures early in the morning while it rains is what every student hates the most. He saw her enter the classroom and she walked up to him and sat on the seat in front of him. The fan was making her hair blow and the scent of her shampoo filled Anurag’s nostrils. The girl turned around, extended her hand, “ Hi, I am Payal. You are?” Anurag stammered, “ Oh! Hi there. I am Anurag. Good Morning” Before Payal could speak anything, the professor entered and she turned around. Anurag could not pay any attention to the lecture thereafter. Payal was this 5 feet 10 inches tall girl who was a swimmer during her school days. Swimming had given her a physique that was the envy of many girls and the subject of discussion for every guy. Her voice had confidence of a winner but shyness of a bride. Anurag was lost. As the course progressed, they became good friends. Exams happened, they scored good marks and entered the same college and took up the same course. Having known each other for quite a while, they two were inseparable during college. Anurag was now envied by every guy for being friends with one of the most gorgeous girls around.

After the exams got over in May, both Anurag and Payal went out for vacations with their families. Though out on vacations, they could not remain disconnected for long. They would be texting each other constantly and talk on the phone till late in the nights. Anurag wanted to ask her out and decided to drop the ball on her birthday which was coming up in June. The 16th. She was waiting for 5mins to midnight. She knew that is when Anurag would call to wish her, so that he is the first one to wish her. She had this feeling that this year its going to be something different. Something special. Even before the phone could ring, she picked up the phone and screamed excitedly. Deep within, she had already fallen in love with Anurag but was waiting for him to take the first step. She knew that her birthday was the perfect time for him to ask her out, and she already had the feeling that Anurag loved her too.

“Hiiieeeee”, she screamed.

“Heya! and how’s the birthday girl doing?”

“Five minutes to go Mr. I-am-never-on-time-for-anything”

“hehehe.. “





“Five, four, three, two, one… Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy. May God bless you and give you all the happiness that you seek. And also all your desires!!”

“Thank you, Anurag. Thanks a lot.”

“Hey, listen. Tomorrow don’t rush home after college.”

“why? i have to reach home on time na for the party. you know about it.”

“well…. if you want your surprise…”

“okay. i am getting another calls. talk to you later. Bye”

“Bye. Happy Birthday once again”


The next day, after college he took her out to the CCD near their college. They placed their orders and started talking.

“Where is my gift?”

“Oh ya. Wait.”

He had already told the waiter to bring a birthday card with a rose along with the coffee. The card made Payal smile, but what happened next took away her smile. Anurag was curios. The card read “To the girl who happens to be my best friend. Wishing you a happy birthday. PS: I always wanted to tell you about the girl I love the most. Don’t open the card if you lack the guts to face her. “ Payal was expecting this, but not this way. She looked up at Anurag and saw anxiousness in his eyes and a smile on his face. She did not understand the look and finally thought of opening the card. It had a mirror! She smiled and looked up and said “ I love you too Anu” To make things more romantic, it had started raining right at that time. It was nature’s way of acknowledging their love. Or was it?

It was running late and Payal was getting restless. She had to reach home in another 30minutes. Anurag suggested to take the trains as they would be faster. Payal and Anurag, were the best of friends but used to fight a lot as well. Payal was the stubborn one and Anurag was more calmer of the two. In the train, Payal wanted to get wet in the rain and stand by the door. Anurag was against it, but in the end relented to his love. He taught her how to stand by the door and was holding her to ensure her safety. Just when Payal removed his arms from around her and asked her to try it herself, Anurag saw a train approaching from the opposite end. He was reluctant and told her to not argue. Payal did not see the train coming and turned around to face him and look into his eyes. The oncoming train honked and it scared the life out of Payal who lost control and fell off the moving train. Anurag reached out for her and slipped as well. He managed to grab the pole at the door by curling across his legs and grabbed hold of Payal’s hand. They both looked into each other’s eyes. Payal’s face looked confused but her eyes were filled with love while Anurag was scared and shouting at the top of his voice. The rain losened the grip Payal had around his hands and the moving train did the rest. Anurag saw Payal’s lower torso come under the train and her body cut in two. He was still holding her hand and looking into her love filled eyes. Fellow passengers rushed to the rescue but were a minute too late. Anurag went numb and fell off the moving train fracturing his legs, which later had to be amputated.

And just then the alarm clock ringed. It was midnight. June the 16th. He whispered, “ Happy Birthday Love “