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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Unkown/Unseen

Below is a draft I found in my inbox stored for over an year... I have no recollection of who wrote this but just felt like sharing. Please let me know in case you know who wrote this.

My mind wanders to unknown lands
Wants to know the truth of life,
I ask myself why and how,
Don’t understand the reason to survive.
The questioning never stops,
I have a lot of whys.
My brain doesn’t know all the answers,
And nor do my eyes.
What is the sound you cannot hear,
in the coldness of the night.
What is the feeling you crave to have,
far beyond your sight.
What is behind those perfect horizons,
Where you have never been
What is there beyond the sunset,
Is it the sky unseen?

Disclaimer: This is not an attempt at plagiarism. I just cannot remember who wrote this, neither do I remember if I wrote this myself. #kthxbye

EDIT: This poem was written by Rati A Thank You for letting me share this :)