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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


When you chase the dream, and give it all,
When you reach the goal, gave it all,
When you feel the free, the feel that cannot stall,
The goal is the mirage that turns into wall,
That slap in the face, the beginning of the fall.

When you climb the mountain, oh so high,
When the peak seemed far, now nigh,
When being on top, gave many a fright,
The loneliness, the first sigh,
The vision that made you sacrifice.

What mattered then, does it matter now?
Did you ask yourself why and how?
All the fields and farms that you plough,
For the sake of the ones,
That you ponder now.

Take a stand, for their sake,
Take a call, do not fake,
For every decision that you take,
Will shape the life that you make,
That makes you smile, when it’s late.

The time has come,
The opportunity too,
 Life is one,
 Dreams are few.