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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dreams. Of lines and more.

Beyond the night and the days,
Of the years gone and may,
Of the dreams, these eyes foray,
Magical the instant, cease to stay.

Dreams of night and of those days,
Tunnel of hope in the absence of rays,
Souls that falter, Minds astray.


Scientifically, dreams are the thoughts of the sub-conscious.
Cinematically, they’re as fictional as Inception.
Realistically, they are the destination.
Pragmatically, they define us. Their chase defines us.

Take a moment out of that dreamchase. Analyse.
For, you can now tell the relative difference between who you were and who you are now after you started the chase.
The chase has defined you. The chase has changed you and the chase has made you. Its this chase that takes you away from people or closer to their hearts. This chase either makes you stronger or enriches you with experience success or failure, in this case does not matter because the growth, knowledge, wisdom you seek is what you attained. The volume, however, varies depending on the degree of efforts in the fields of discipline, determination and dedication that you’re invested.
When I was a kid, my father never taught me to dream about success or glory, neither did he ask me to be the best. The only lesson, as he would say, was gain knowledge and the rest would follow. I am certain Vidhu Vinod Chopra shared a drink with my old man for what is a cliche now were words of wisdom then. Looking back, I feel its the best piece of advice that a parent could give their child and it is upon us to make use of it however we deem fit.
Today, as most of us are sharing status updates on multiple social networking media, share humour, share emotions and share a piece of us, we also continue learning and chasing our dream. The dreamchase is a chase one endures until the last breath and gives up trying. That is what dreams are. They are never ending just as our imagination, which is as developed as our knowledge about this world we live in.

Dreams don’t make you happy, but they make you knowledgeable.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Boatman

As I walk by the sea, see the sun settle for the last time before they mark off one more year for her, I chance upon
this rather calm, confident, hard working and all knowing boatman.

He's rowing across the wave, a homecoming for him, however, he is working tirelessly as with every row of his oar
he inches closer to the warmth and love that he has been coming home to for the last decade. Only this time it is different.
This time, he fights. For a calm sea offers no assistance just as she offers no resistance.

The wind, however, chances upon her and makes the homecoming trickier. Nonetheless, he rows.
He rows knowing only he can row and only home can satiate the eyes, the heart, the soul.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What’s the fun if one doesn’t worry about the challenge?
What’s the fun in a fight if you’re not getting hurt?
What’s the fun in gaining without losing?
What’s the fun in living without dying?

We worry so that we face the challenge.
We fight so that we don’t continue to get hurt.
We gain so that we stop to lose.
We live so that we inch closer to death.


Fun as it used to be, fun as it is now,

Fun that it will be, fun shall be how?

Fun never let us grow, they raised their brow,

Fun ceased to exist, as we joined the crowd.

Fun, we long for thee, where be thou?