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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Motivational Speech

It all starts with the ending. You wake up one day and look into the mirror to see your face all dull and dry. The fun that existed the night before is no longer present. The smile that greeted you every morning from the past three decades is gone. Instead of looking at your present or fore-seeing your future you look at your past. You see that silk suit you were wearing the other day and are unaware of the fact that all you adorn now is that ghastly image of the hedonism you indulged in the previous night. You have succumbed to the temptations that were meant to be fought in order to stay put with the most important task entrusted upon you. And then it all ends up into a dark grey... You wake up later into a world of luxuries unable to relate to any of them and unwilling to resign on any of them. The dormant inner thought fights back pushing you into reality and urges you to go through the grind to resist temptation. It urges you to account for the mistakes made and pleads you to address them. It is now that the grey clouds come out and you can see the silk suit transpire to nothing. Not even the night robes you thought you wore when you slept. Slowly, it is all coming back to you. The caving to the craving has left you naked in front of your own eyes. You see your eyes gazing at your image and you feel the knees buckling and see the head lowering. You come at the bridge. You keep the silk suit or you earn it. The head rises, the eyes are lit, the fire burns and the longest battle of mother nature - the battle for survival - begins.