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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rains. Mumbai.

Gone are the days, from the city of dreams,
When the heavens burst, and the dwellers screamed.

Gone are the days, from the eyes of the grey
The sea used to roar, land washed by waves.

Gone are the days, from lives of the vendors,
The young used to eat, while love pondered.

Gone are the days of happiness from peasants,
The lived another year, life looked pleasant.

Gone are the days, for flora and fauna,
Humans struck the mute, for they did not harm us.

Welcome the days of dark and gloom,
The rains are absent, so are the blooms,
The man of today, seen the nature to click,
For the generations to come, for them to view and shriek.

--(C) Alok Shah

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