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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happiness. We pursuit.

From the first step to the first word,
From the first bite to the last fight,
From the first light to the first sight,
From the first time to the last dime,
We think no tall and expend it all.

In the eyes of the mother, to the sight of the teacher,
In the heart of the wife, to the kin for life,
In the eyes of the dreamer, and the beat of the lover,
In the passion of the teen, for the friends which seem.

We ignore the truth,
And happiness, we pursuit.


Anonymous said...

a random one... but loved it...

Bansi said...

No barrier is too high to cross,

No failure is too over-powering to fill you with remorse.

Fear is the language one should know not,

There will be an end to it all- a period, a full-stop.

Lay back and sail through this journey unknown,

With sole navigator being relentless pursuit of knowledge alone.

Refuse to be derided,

I shall continue, with the anchor unhinged.

As I step in this beauty called life,

I accept the altercation, the strife.